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Aging Life Care

Aging Life Care

Aging Life Care services offered in Newtown, PA

Aging Life Care™ is a type of holistic care focused on guiding older adults through the challenging decisions they face as advanced age, dementia, and chronic health concerns disrupt their ability to live independently. The caring team at Elevation Homecare practices Aging Life Care, offering their expertise to help you and your family navigate health care choices and find the home-based or out-of-home services that meet their unique needs. If you have questions about Aging Life Care or want to schedule an appointment, call the office or connect online today.

Aging Life Care Q&A

What is Aging Life Care?

Aging Life Care is the approach used by professionals who are trained to support older adults and adults struggling with long-term or disabling health conditions. The goal of Aging Life Care specialists is to provide the information and guidance you need to make the best health care decisions for your life.

What happens during Aging Life Care management?

The basics of Aging Life Care management include:

  • Assessing you or your loved one’s health and safety
  • Creating plans that target specific problems
  • Educating you about your health and treatment options
  • Serving as your health care advocate
  • Providing coaching for family caregivers

Your Elevation Homecare provider develops a care plan that identifies specific resources and services that support your optimal health.

What skills do Aging Life Care managers use to support my health?

The team at Elevation Homecare is highly qualified to help adults make challenging health care and life decisions because they’re experts in:


Gerontology (health care for older adults) gives your provider a depth of understanding about the tough decisions you face and your treatment options.

Financial issues

Aging Life Care professionals may help with paying bills, filing insurance claims, and finding local financial support programs.

Housing and long-term care

Your Elevation Homecare provider helps you stay at home with comprehensive services, but they also aid you in choosing alternative housing or a long-term care facility if that’s best for you. They offer relocation services if you decide to downsize or enter an assisted-living facility.

Family dynamics

Aging Life Care managers understand the stress faced by families when a loved one struggles with their health or memory loss. They reduce your stress and help solve conflicts about long-term care and planning.

Local resources

Your Elevation Homecare provider can point you to a vast array of local resources and help you through the process for accessing care.


Throughout this journey, everyone needs an advocate who knows the resources, understands the health care system, and can serve as a tireless advocate ensuring you get all of the services you need.

Crisis intervention

Age-related diseases and progressive conditions like Alzheimer’s put you at risk of having a physical or mental health crisis. You can depend on Elevation Homecare to help you navigate emergency rooms, rehabilitation clinics, and hospitalizations.

To learn more about Aging Life Care, call Elevation Homecare or use online booking to request an appointment today.

Elevation Homecare takes take a holistic approach to each client well-being by focusing on the whole person in every area: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual. Restoring and transforming lives.

Providing consistent care which you can rely on is something that we at Elevation Homecare Agency do best. Our services are carefully drafted and planned to suit your wants and needs. We also give our clients the chance to personalize the care plan they need to guarantee utmost home care satisfaction.